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Archives Policy for On-Site Research

Archives of the A.A. General Service Office

The following procedures are designed to make the researcher’s visit as useful as possible while preserving the archival materials for future generations.
Please note that if you wish to review any unpublished materials in the Archives (correspondence, meeting minutes, financial information, manuscripts, etc.), a written request for access must be made to the trustees' Archives Committee, and must receive Committee approval before access will be granted. See the Materials Use Policy for more information.
1. All researchers should notify staff of the day(s) they plan to visit.  Planning the visit ahead of time will help ensure that the researcher’s time is used efficiently.  Researchers and archives staff should work together before the visit to identify all relevant materials, so that staff can locate and retrieve them.  Some materials are stored off-site and these require advance notice to be retrieved.  If we do not receive advance notice of a visit, we will be limited as to how we can assist with research.
2. Researchers must register upon arrival to the Archives.  Our staff is available between the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
3. Researchers must deposit coats, bags and backpacks, and other personal property not essential to their work with the archival staff. 
4. Researchers are not admitted to the archives vault.  All materials will be obtained from and returned to the archives vault by staff members.
5. Materials may only be used in the Archives offices, at the tables provided.
6. Researchers may use laptop computers to take notes, or use pencils only.  To avoid possible permanent marks on materials, pens are prohibited.  Post-It notes, paper clips, and other potentially damaging flags are also not permitted.
7. All photoduplication is carried out by Archives staff.  Additional information concerning photoduplication policies is available in the Materials Use Policy.  Cameras and scanners are not permitted, and researchers are not permitted to make their own photocopies. 
8. All material must be handled with extreme care to ensure its preservation for future generations.  Always preserve the existing order and arrangement of all materials.  Turn pages carefully, make no marks on the materials, and do not rest books or other objects on the surface of items.  When handling certain items staff may request that researchers wear cotton gloves.
9. Eating and drinking are not permitted in the Archives.
10. Please return all materials to archives staff at least 15 minutes before the Archives closes.
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