Was Bill W. nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

Bill W. was not nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In early 1960 an individual from the New York area wrote to Bill concerning the possibility of receiving the Nobel Prize. Bill responded that he would be delighted if overtures were made but the distinction would have to cite Alcoholics Anonymous and not himself. Bill wrote that the prize money could not be taken, as A.A. does not accept funds from the outside world. Of course there was also the question of conforming to the traditional principle of personal anonymity: Bill's full name and picture would be used. A second proposal to nominate Alcoholics Anonymous for the Nobel Prize was presented in early 1986. After careful consideration and deliberation, the General Service Board of A.A. stated that the monetary prize without question would be declined. Beyond that, it was felt that, in keeping with our Tenth Tradition, which enjoins us to venture no opinions on outside issues, no further comments were necessary.