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Recent Changes at the General Service Office

Added January 2023

General Manager Bob W. shares news of updates and changes at G.S.O. to better facilitate the delivery of vital services to the Fellowship.

Box 459 – Winter Edition 2022

Added January 2023

In this issue, the Publishing Department introduces the new “jacketless” Big Book—a format that will help to decrease printing and delivery delays of this important book. Learn more about the Seventh Tradition and how member contributions support vital services and help members and groups carry the message to suffering alcoholics. Meet Clint M., a new nontrustee director for A.A. World Services and David S., Grapevine Board nontrustee director. And find out how to schedule your visit to the G.S.O. office.

SB-20 Experience, Strength & Hope

Added January 2023

This anthology contains 56 stories retired from the first three editions of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. The membership of Alcoholics Anonymous continues to grow and change, but these stories from the past will never be outdated. The essential A.A. story — “what we used to be like, what happened, and what we are like now” — is a constant. That timeless formula for A.A. talks rings just as true in these stories from our history as it does today in the meeting around the corner.

Experiencia, fortaleza y esperanza

Now available for reading online on aa.org, the new Spanish-language translation of the English-language book Experience, Strength and Hope is posted in a “digital-first” format.

Note: A printed format of this book (Item SB-20) is slated to be available for ordering in 2023. Stay tuned.

Opening for Non-Trustee Director, Grapevine Board

Update on Printing Delays and Backorders

Added December 2022

Click here for an update on supply chain disruptions and their impacts on A.A.W.S. literature, as well as estimated in-stock dates for our most popular back-ordered items.

AA Grapevine, Inc. Announcement

Added November 2022

We’ve heard you, and AA Grapevine, Inc. will be making two major changes over the next week to better serve our customers. Read more here https://www.aagrapevine.org/important-updates

The General Service Office is Reopened to Visitors

Added November 2022

Visitors are welcome to the General Service Office Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information and to schedule your visit, email gsotours@aa.org or call 212-870-3430.

2025 International Convention – Survey

G.S.O. Announcement – October 2022

Box 459 – Fall Edition 2022

Added October 2022

This issue highlights the efforts to bring translations of A.A. literature to Native Americans, First Nations, and indigenous people—helping to carry the A.A. message to throughout North America. Go inside the Second Virtual North/South Connections Forum that brought together members from the service structures of Argentina, Canada, Chile, and the United States in July. Meet the new Class B (alcoholic) Trustee-at-large for Canada, two General Service Board Class A (nonalcoholic) Trustees, and three new Class B Trustees. And learn who’s new at G.S.O.

Call to Action - Corrections in Canada

Added October 2022

Please see the attached memo asking for your help to increase participation in the Corrections Correspondence Service to A.A. members in custody in all Canadian correctional settings. 

Corrections Desk Activity Update

Announcing: Hardcover Jacketless Format for the Big Book

Added October 2022

A new jacketless format of the hardcover Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, will reduce production and delivery time—getting this important book in the hands of those who need it in a more cost-effective and timely manner. The new format will have the image from the jacket reproduced directly on the book’s cover. Update to the announcement: The jacketless Big Book will be available to order in December 2022. Click here for more information

REMINDER: Our Contributions Address Has Changed

Added October 2022

A separate post office box has been established for Seventh Tradition contributions only.

Please send contribution checks to:

Post Office Box 2407

James A Farley Station

New York, NY 10116-2407

This dedicated PO box enables us to process contributions much more efficiently and at a significant savings to the Fellowship. You also can continue to make contributions online at contribution.aa.org using a major credit card or PayPal.

For more information or assistance, please contact our Member Services team at memberservices@aa.org or 212-870-3023.

About AA – Fall 2022

Added October 2022

About AA is the newsletter from the General Service Office of the U.S. and Canada for professionals of all types who deal with alcoholics. This issue highlights the AA Media Library as a valuable resource for professionals seeking to bring the AA message to individuals who struggle with their drinking. Also in the issue, meet two new General Service Board Class A Trustees and find helpful links to more information about AA of interest to professionals.

Message from General Manager on Visiting the General Service Office

News Archives

Effective October 5, 2022, the General Service Office will reopen to visitors

Added September 2022

Good news!  Effective October 5, 2022, the General Service Office will reopen to visitors Wednesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., marking the first phase of the reopening process.

Southeast Regional Forum Flyer

Added September 2022

We hope you can join us for the upcoming Southeast Regional Forum! Click this link to find the event Flyer.

We want video submissions from A.A. members

Extension of Mixed-Title Quantity Discount Test Pilot

Added September 2022

In our continued efforts to help get our life-saving literature into the hands of all those who need it, we have extended our popular Mixed-Title Quantity Discount Test Pilot until December 31, 2022. Click here to learn more.

Letter to the Fellowship from G.S.O. General Manager

Added September 2022

Bob W., General Manager at the A.A. General Service Office, shares summer highlights of the work being done by the A.A. World Services Board and the General Service Board, and outlines how G.S.O. staff are implementing the group conscience expressed at the 72nd General Service Conference. He also reports on current financial challenges and how G.S.O. is carrying out its stewardship of A.A. dollars. 

AA Grapevine, Inc. New Book Release

Added September 2022

New Book Coming September 2022

News Release AA Grapevine Inc.

Added August 2022

AA Grapevine Inc., announces a Price Increase on books & other content-related items. Learn more here: www.aagrapevine.org/news-release

Update on Printing Delays and Backorders

Added August 2022

Click here for an update on supply chain disruptions and their impacts on A.A.W.S. literature, as well as estimated in-stock dates for our most popular back-ordered items.

Call for Stories - "A.A. for the Older Alcoholic - Never Too Late”

Added August 2022

Please click the following highlighted link to read the latest activity update from the Treatment and Accessibilities assignment.

Box 4-5-9 Summer 2022

Added August 2022

This issue highlights Grapevine's podcast and a summary of the happenings at the 72nd General Service Conference, including advisory actions. Also featured: work begins on an updated pamphlet for African Americans in A.A.; FAQs on the 2025 International Convention; the Corrections Correspondence Service (CCS) in Canada; and the launch of two new PSAs. 

2025 International Convention – Member Engagement Survey

Update: F.A.Q. - 2025 International Convention

Added July 2022

Frequently Asked Questions about the 2025 International Convention & Travel to Canada

Notice of a printing error in English-language editions of Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

Press Release: July 2022

Pacific Regional Forum Flyer

Added July 2022

We hope you can join us for the upcoming Pacific Regional Forum! Click this link to find the event Flyer.

Recovery story solicitation for the “A.A. for the Black and African-American Alcoholic" Pamphlet Update

Recovery story solicitation for the Fourth Edition of the Big Book Alcohólicos Anónimos

Added on April 2022

Attached, please find a memo regarding the recovery story solicitation for the Fourth Edition of the Big Book Alcohólicos Anónimos.