Information for New Trusted Servants

Following are common questions of new people in A.A. service positions—our "trusted servants." We also encourage you to reach out to others holding service positions in your district and/or area. Thanks to our Fellowship's long history, many people have experience in service work to share.

How do I get listed as the new GSR, DCM, or Committee Chair?

Your Area registrar can update GSO’s records with your contact information. Here is a list of Area websites in the U.S. and Canada to get in touch with your Area registrar. Another way is to update your information directly with GSO through our Member Services Department. Contact GSO Member Services here.

Will I receive material to get started?

Once you're listed with GSO as a new GSR or DCM, we'll automatically send you a Kit. You can see the contents of the GSR Kit here and the DCM Kit here.

​If you are a new committee chair, once listed with GSO, you will also receive a Kit. The contents will depend on your role. District and intergroup/central office committee chairs receive a workbook, plus appropriate pamphlets and service material. Archives Committee chairs will receive the Archives Workbook. There are specialty literature packages for certain committees (see below).

These materials will help you get started in your service position. Delivery may take up to two weeks. We send these materials to new trusted servants at no charge, thanks to contributions to GSO.

How do I order literature for my service work?

Committees, groups and others may be able to order literature from an Area, district or local intergroup/central office. The General Service Office cooperates closely with these offices. They are a valuable resource for members and groups throughout the U.S. and Canada. Ordering locally can help support local service efforts. Visit A.A. Near You to find a local office.

You may also order from the A.A.W.S. Online Store.

What are the special literature packages for committees?

The General Service Office offers special items and discount packages to some committees.

These committees include

  • Corrections Committee
  • Public Information Committee
  • Accessibilities Committee
  • Treatment Committee
  • Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee

Contact the GSO staff member on the appropriate desk to find out more.