Frequently Asked Questions About the 2025 International Convention & Travel to Canada


Updated March 29, 2024

1. When and where will the 2025 International Convention take place?
The 90th anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous will be celebrated at the 2025 International Convention in Vancouver, BC, Canada, from Thursday July 3rd   to Sunday, July 6th, 2025.

  • The registration hall will be open on Wednesday.
  • The block party will be on Thursday.
  • The daytime A.A. meetings will be held on Friday and Saturday throughout the Convention Campus.
  • The three big meetings will be held at BC Place Stadium, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

2. What is the Convention Campus?
The 2025 International Convention will take place on what we are calling the Convention Campus. Maps will be available in our mobile app and program materials detailing all the hotel space, convention rooms and the stadium dedicated to housing our event. 

3. Have A.A. International Conventions been held in Canada before?
Yes. There have been International Conventions in Toronto (1965), Montreal (1985), and Toronto (2005). As you may know, the Responsibility Statement was adopted at the 1965 International Convention in Toronto.

4. Will there be a bag policy for any of the convention locations?
As with most stadium venues such as BC Place, there will be limits on what can be brought into the stadium. More information will be available as we get closer. A bag check service will also be available.

5. My group would like to request a hospitality suite. Who should we contact?
Right now, we are accepting requests for Hospitality Suites from A.A. Service Entities and Special International Contacts listed with the General Service Office of the US and Canada. If you are interested in requesting a hospitality suite, please email the current staff assistant on the 2025 International Convention assignment at

6. Will there be a dedicated Mobile App for the 2025 International Convention?
Yes, there are plans for the development of a Mobile app for the 2025 International Convention. More information will be provided later.

7. Will there be meetings offered in languages other than English?
Yes, there will be meetings in multiple languages provided throughout the event.

Traveling to Canada

8. If travel to Canada is difficult for some U.S. members, why are we holding an International Convention in Vancouver?The Fellowship of the United States and Canada General Service Structure of Alcoholics Anonymous functions as one entity in spirit and in service to the Fellowship. As this event rotates through the regions of A.A., there will be times when it takes place in the U.S., and other times when it is held in Canada.

9. What Canadian travel information is currently available?
Below are resources to aid members in making plans to attend the 2025 International Convention (most questions can be answered by connecting to the links below). Also, a good travel book on Canada will provide valuable information on needed documents and border crossing requirements, as well as vacation tips.

10. Who will have to submit forms and applications to gain admission to Canada?
It is suggested that those who believe they have some past legal incident, such as a DUI or felony that could inhibit their ability to cross the border to attend the 2025 International Convention, seek assistance/information by accessing the Canada Border Services Agency links provided below question #11.

11. Are there any restrictions or regulations affecting travel to Canada in 2025?
Yes. The U.S. and Canada each have restrictions and regulations that apply to citizens and visitors who travel from one country to the other. U.S. citizens need a valid U.S. passport to travel to Canada.  Citizens from other countries need to view Canadian Visa Requirements.  Border crossing into Canada has significantly changed, particularly in the last two years. (For more information:  access links to Canada Border Services Agency website (CBSA) provided below)

Information for those who may have entry issues due to past criminal history:

Information for those who may have visa requirements due to traveling from another country:

For general information members may also access or contact the Border Information Service (BIS) at CBSA by calling:

Within Canada
TTY (for those with hearing or speech impairments)

Outside Canada
Long distance charges apply

Press “0” to speak to an officer during regular business hours – Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (local time) excluding holidays.


Registration and Housing

12. When will registration and hotel information be available?
We will be providing more information about registration and housing in June 2024. Actual registration site links, forms, and hotel booking links will be communicated to the Fellowship in early September of 2024.

13. How much is the registration fee to attend the 2025 International Convention?
The General Service Board has approved the 2025 International Convention fee so that when registration opens in September of 2024, it will cost $160.00 (USD) per person. A few months leading up to convention, the price will increase to $185.00 (USD), where it will remain that price for those registering on site when the convention begins.

14. Will there be virtual sessions for those who are unable to attend in-person?
Yes, there are plans to offer the following:  A partial virtual session program made available for those unable to attend the International Convention, in person. Members will be required to register and pay for this option. More details will be provided as they become available.

15. Must everyone register? I thought I didn’t have to pay to go to an A.A. event.
Yes. Everyone must register. Attendance at this special celebration is voluntary, and, as responsible A.A. members, “we pay our own way.” The International Convention is paid for by those A.A.s who participate in it.

16. Can I book housing on my own?
As for previous international conventions, we have blocked and negotiated rates for our convention hotel and dorm rooms. For the 2025 International Convention some of our policies and procedures have changed to accommodate specific conditions in Vancouver and to facilitate overall fairness in access to convention housing. You may still make your own private housing arrangements but would not have access to our convention housing block unless you book through the convention site.

As in past conventions, registration and housing are linked. Meaning that you cannot request convention housing without being registered and you cannot request or reserve more than 2 rooms of our convention housing inventory.

We strongly suggest you book housing as you register for the convention to take advantage of our special convention room rates.

17. Will there be any camping sites available as a housing option?
We will not be offering camping sites as part of our housing options for the 2025 International Convention.  If you would like to camp, camping information will be made available separate from the registration and housing process for attendees to book on their own.

Parks BC – this is the central hub for all camping in BC.  Attendees will want to search by “near Vancouver” as they won’t know any of the park names AND use the filter on the left to select Vehicle Camping to shortlist to appropriate camps.

RV Parks:

18. Will there be accommodation for people with accessibility needs?
Yes, when registering for the convention you can request accommodation for whatever your accessibility needs may be. More information will be available as you participate in the registration and housing process. Our convention is unique, and most cities cannot accommodate all the special and ADA requests of our attendees. Facilities would be assigned on a first come first serve basis.

19. My group would like to book their housing together. How do we go about booking a group reservation?
Group Housing Criteria and Location:  Given the unique make up and location of our convention housing inventory, we will only be able to facilitate Group Housing requests if your group is traveling together from outside the United States and Canada and requires a minimum of 10 rooms.  In addition, we will only be able to facilitate group housing in rooms outside downtown Vancouver. 

If your group meets the criteria above, please reach out to Tara Ballard at to learn more about the process and timelines.

If you do not meet the requirements above, please have your group members make their individual registrations and housing requests directly online, or via our printed form, when Registration and Housing opens in September 2024.

Please note in the online system, if you select the dormitory options, you MAY find available options to book accommodations that sleep four people together.


20. I am traveling with a member of Al-Anon. Will there be programs for them? Do they need to register separately?
You will have to register every member of your party, including Al-Anon members, at the same time. There will be programing specifically for members of Al-Anon, taking place at a hotel on the Convention Campus. Details will be announced closer to the date of the convention.


21. How will I get around Vancouver?
To keep the registration fee affordable, no door-to-door shuttle bus service will be available (except for attendees with accessible needs). TransLink is Vancouver’s transit system that services most of the downtown and surrounding areas. A discounted TransLink Convention Pass will be available through the registration process. For more TransLink information regarding schedules and stations go to

22. Do I need to rent a car?
Vancouver is known for being a very walkable city with an efficient public transportation system TransLink, which we expect attendees to take full advantage of. If you feel like a car might be better suited for your needs, then please feel free to rent one.

23. Will scooters be available for rent?
Yes. More information on scooter rentals and other mobility devices will be available through Scootaround. This will be separate from the registration process.