Literature Committees

Literature Committees ensure A.A. literature is available for A.A. groups, service meetings and other A.A. events.

Committee members:

  • Conduct A.A. literature workshops
  • Provide displays, supplies of A.A. catalogs and order forms
  • Consider proposed additions to and changes in Conference-approved literature and audiovisual material

Literature Committee Guidelines

A.A. Guidelines are the shared experience of A.A. members. They also reflect guidance given through the 12 Traditions and the General Service Conference.


A.A. Literature Catalog

This catalog lists all Conference approved literature and A.A. material.  It is available in three languages: English, French and Spanish.

Are you a new Literature Committee chairperson?

There are a variety of resources for new committee chairs, many of them free of charge.  Once you are listed with GSO as the new committee chair, we'll automatically send you the appropriate materials to help you in your service position.

Literature Display Ideas

  • Order a complimentary Literature Display package from GSO and buy enough pamphlet racks to display all the pamphlets.
  • Order a complete set of A.A. books for display.
  • Create displays of service pieces, foreign pamphlets, newsletters, etc.
  • Display some of the lesser known items, such as Braille publications, audiovisual material, Conference Reports, etc.
  • Display the large poster-size items, such as anonymity declaration, unity statement, Bill and Bob’s last messages, etc.
  • Provide extra copies of literature order forms for individuals/groups.
  • Make a banner of the book covers of foreign editions of the Big Book and hang it above the literature display.
  • Use a computer to demonstrate how to access and search the Big Book online from
  • Have equipment available to view films, such as “Bill’s Own Story,” and to listen to A.A. literature in audiovisual formats.

For more ideas like this, see A.A. Guidelines on Literature Committees.