Our collected experience suggests that groups that are unable to meet at their usual meeting places have begun to meet digitally. Below is some shared experience around meeting online.

Decide if you want to create your own online meeting or attend one that already exists.

There are a variety of existing online A.A. meetings accessible via http://aa-intergroup.org/ 

If you decide to create your own online meeting, you’ll need to choose a platform to use.

A.A. does not endorse any specific way to meet as a group digitally. Each group must decide what works best for their needs. You can visit the following providers to get more information on how to use their platforms to set up an online meeting.

There are many options for converting to audio/video or phone meetings. See below platforms groups have shared:

Google Hangouts/Meet


Free Conference Call

For more information on other online platforms visit: G2.com

Share information about the meeting

Provide your group members and your local A.A. offices with information and any relevant instructions for your meeting.

Getting additional help 

You may be able to request additional help and guidance on this topic by reaching out to your local A.A. office, technology committees, or the online Technology in A.A. forum. 

For more information on anonymity please see: Understanding Anonymity

For more information on passing the digital basket please see:   Winter 2017 Box 459 p. 3 “Passing the Digital Basket


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