1. Q. Why YouTube?

A. The YouTube Nonprofit Program is a powerful tool that will allow Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (A.A.W.S.) to accomplish three goals:

a. Share A.A. video content more broadly in a contemporary medium while improving our search engine optimization; making A.A. easier to find.

b. House A.A.W.S. video content in a location which gives local service structures and Intergroups the ability to embed this video content directly into their websites.

c. Measure and improve engagement with the general public, professional community, those seeking help, and local service structures.

2. Q. What content will be on this channel?

A. Conference-approved videos as well as videos developed from service material available from the General Service Office (G.S.O.)

3. Q. How can I identify the A.A.W.S. YouTube channel?

A. G.S.O.’s YouTube channel is identified by the registered trademarks of A.A.W.S. (the Blue People and “Alcoholics Anonymous” in blue typeface), and by the information on the “About Us” page. Also, all videos from G.S.O. on YouTube have a notice at the beginning and end stating that they are A.A.W.S. productions.

4. Q. Can G.S.O. control what plays after the selected video?

A. No. The YouTube program does not allow for control of the content that plays following a selected video. We can suggest other videos on our channel with a pop-up “card” at the end of each video and playlist, but the suggested video will not automatically play, that is the viewer’s choice.

5. Q. Can G.S.O. stop videos playing automatically after the selected video?

A. No. As the channel administrator G.S.O. does not have control of the autoplay feature. However, individuals can turn off auto-play in their YouTube settings.

6. Q. Who is responsible for the YouTube channel?

A. The G.S.O. Website Committee is responsible for day to day maintenance of the YouTube channel as guided by the A.A.W.S. Board and A.A. Traditions.

7. Q. Who responds to questions and feedback about the YouTube channel?

A. The Communications Services Assignment coordinator at G.S.O reviews feedback and responds to questions regarding the YouTube channel. The coordinator can be contacted at commservices@aa.org.

8. Q. If I subscribe to the A.A.W.S YouTube channel, will my name appear on the subscription list and break my anonymity?

A. No. Subscriber names/profiles are not shown anywhere on our channel. However, our channel logo will appear on an individual’s profile, in their list of subscriptions, unless made private.

9. Q. Can other A.A. entities embed our videos on their websites?

A. Yes, the Google for Nonprofit program allows A.A.W.S. to offer local service structures and Intergroups the ability to embed our video content directly into their local websites. The linking of content and websites will increase the search rankings of all the sites involved and improve their organic search results.

10. Q. Can other organizations link to our videos on YouTube?

A. Yes, other organizations can provide links to videos on this channel. However, we ask that a request to link to A.A.W.S. copyrighted material be sent to G.S.O.’s Intellectual Properties Coordinator at ip@aa.org.

11.Q. Can I submit a video to be posted on this channel?

A. No. A.A.W.S. doesn’t accept unsolicited videos. Only Conferenceapproved videos as well as videos developed from G.S.O. service material will be posted on this YouTube channel.

12. Q. Why are the comments turned off?

A. The 2017 General Service Conference Action that requested the creation of the YouTube page specified that:

“A.A. World Services, Inc. create a Google for Nonprofits account, with use of the account limited to the YouTube Nonprofit Program and with a guarantee that comments not be shown on A.A.W.S. YouTube pages.”

Conference discussions identified a concern that an active comments page may become a platform for controversy regarding the videos and A.A. as a whole.

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