Regional Forum Report 2015 Northeast


May 29-31 Albany, New York

Topics included:

Our Common Welfare – Who’s Responsible?

Singleness of Purpose

The Spirit of Rotation in Service

Sponsorship—Is a Service Sponsor a Requirement?

Grapevine: The Grapevine Rep and More—Bringing our Message of Hope to Alcoholics

Carrying the A.A. Message through Corrections Correspondence Service (CCS)

Anonymity and Social Networks

Let’s be Friendly with Our Friends

Twelve Traditions' Importance in Service

Spanish Workshop: Our Common Welfare—Who’s Responsible?

La Viña: The La Viña Rep and More—Bringing Our Message of Hope to Alcoholics

Records Management for Registrars

How Do We Carry the A.A. Message Using Our Principle of Anonymity?

Our Common Welfare—Who’s Responsible?

Service: You Can Pretend to Care

How to Involve Members in Service

Freedom to Grow: A.A.’s Warranties

Primary Purpose