Regional Forum Report 2016 Pacific


September 30 - October 2 Waikoloa, Hawaii

Topics included:
Supporting La Viña: From your Story to Service
Financing A.A.’s Vital Services
Making the A.A. Message More Accessible
Safety and A.A.
D.C.Ms, G.S.R.s and Effective Communicatio
Supporting Grapevine: From Your Story to Service
A.A. and Mental Health
Concept Nine: Leadership in A.A.
How to Strengthen the Home Group
Central Office/Intergroups: Cooperation Amongst Service Entities
The Meaning of “I am Responsible”
Carrying the A.A. Message with the Grapevine
Bringing the Concepts to Life
Concept IX: Leadership—The Beacon to Our Future
Home Group Inventory
Benefits of General Service