• There are many hotel rooms still available through the Convention Housing Bureau, including dorm rooms. (Shuttle busses are provided for hotels/dorms outside downtown Detroit).
  • If your hotel/dorm room is in Windsor, Canada, you will need your passport for all border crossings. If you have a felony or DUI conviction, which may impact your immigration crossing, please consult with either U.S. or Canada immigration authorities. Please research your status prior to the Convention. The following websites are provided as resources:


  • The Cobo Convention Center has a new name: it is now called the TCF Center Detroit.
  • Coming soon in January/February 2020 on aa.org:
    • Information on how to volunteer for the Welcome Committee in Detroit
    • Pre-order information for:
  1. Convention photo
  2. Audio recordings
  3. Scooters/Mobility devices


  • Please note that the charge for your convention registration will appear on your credit card statement as “2020IC GSB.”

Rev: 11.8.19

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