Contributions to the General Service Office support G.S.O.'s services to members and groups throughout Canada and the U.S. and help ensure that the A.A. message is carried around the world. The services that the G.S.O. provides the A.A. groups cost more than $6 per member per year. Members customarily contribute $1, $2 or even $5 a year for each year of sobriety‒–others may give a penny or a nickel a day for each day of their sobriety.

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“He realized that reaching out to A.A.s who were no longer active and offering them a chance to do Twelfth Step work—or to finance it—would help the individual member as much as it would the General Service Office.”

from: “Birthdays, Gratitude, and Twelfth Step Work” — Box 4-5-9 - April-May 2009

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