Regional and Local Forums

Regional Forum Video

Regional Forum Video

Regional and Local Forums provide unique opportunities for A.A. members across the U.S. and Canada to connect with people throughout the A.A. service structure. At forums, members can exchange information with representatives of the General Service Board, A.A.W.S., AA Grapevine and GSO.

Regional Forums

Regional Forum events allow members throughout the service structure to exchange information. They bring together:

  • The General Service Board
  • A.A. World Services, Inc.
  • A.A. Grapevine, Inc.
  • The General Service Office and Grapevine staff
  • A.A. members
  • Newcomers to service
  • Trusted servants

Started in 1975, these unique gatherings happen four times a year. Each forum occurs in one of the eight regions of the U.S. or Canada that has extended an invitation. The regional trustee, area delegates and GSO decide on the location and agenda for Regional Forums. Together, the forums coordinator at GSO, the local A.A. host contact, and the regional trustee coordinate the details of the Forum.

See a sample Regional Forum agenda here.

There is no registration fee for A.A. members for Regional Forums. The General Service Board covers the expenses of meeting rooms. In some cases, trusted servants may have travel expenses covered by area committees, districts and groups.

Regional Map of U.S. and Canada

The U.S./Canada service structure has ninety-three areas that are part of one of eight regions. A Regional Forum is held in alternate years in each region on a rotating basis.

regional map

Upcoming Regional and Local Forum Events

2024 Eastern Canada Regional Forum
Delta Hotels by Marriott

101 Lyon St N Ottawa ON K1R 5T9 Canada

August 23 - 25 2024
2024 Southeast Regional Forum
Golden Nugget

151 Beach Blvd Biloxi, MS 39530 United States

December 6 - 8 2024

Join us at a Regional Forum

We welcome and encourage first-time attendees to join. There is no registration fee for A.A. members to attend Regional Forums, which are typically held on weekends. Click here to read a letter from the Board Chair about the 2024 Regional Forums.

Local Forums

Local Forums, a scaled-down version of Regional Forums, are organized on the local level with help from GSO.

These smaller events support A.A. communities who can't attend regular Regional Forums. Local Forums provide a Forum experience to meet cultural, accessibility and population needs of A.A communities. Local Forums may take place in remote areas or in any underserved A.A. community. 

Any A.A. community or service entity may request a one-and-a-half or two-day Local Forum.

The Regional Forums coordinator at GSO works with the Local Forum organizing committee. Together they create an agenda that is responsive to local needs.

Unlike Regional Forums, the Local Forum Committee covers Forum expenses such as meeting room costs. The General Service Board displays literature at Board expense.

Special Forums

Special Forums are designed for remote, sparsely populated, or urban areas to serve A.A. members who would not normally be able to attend a Regional Forum as well as when there is an expressed need based on culture, language, or geography.

Reimplemented by the General Service Board in 2017, “Special Forum programs reflect Regional Forum programs and include Forum presentations, sharing sessions, and workshops to address topics such as:

  • Structure and responsibilities of the General Service Board, AAWS and the A.A. Grapevine Boards
  • Services provided by the General Service Office and the A.A. Grapevine
  • The A.A. Fellowship’s upside-down triangle structure
  • How groups are connected to A.A. beyond the group level

Special Forums are hosted, coordinated, and financed by the General Service Board/General Service Office.  Special Forums are supported by volunteer efforts of A.A. a Welcome Contact with support from a Welcome Committee formed at the local level where the Special Forums are to be held.  Special Forums are not intended to replace or be a substitute for local service workshops.

Please send any questions or requests to hold a Special Forum to

Forum Reports

All Forums are essentially sharing sessions in which members can ask questions, spark ideas, and discuss matters. No formal actions result from these Forums. Regional and Local Forums aim to improve communication at all levels within a region. The sharing at Forums is captured in Forum Final Reports, which are distributed to all attendees. You can find past Forum reports here.

The Regional Forums Desk at GSO

Along with regional trustees and delegates, GSO plans and coordinates Regional Forums. If you have questions about Regional Forums, please contact the Regional Forums Desk at GSO.