The purpose of this YouTube channel is to provide a platform from which A.A. videos can be easily shared with a broader audience in order to carry the message to alcoholics, the general public and the professional community. The link to the channel is:

Development of the channel was begun in early fall of 2017 as a response to the Advisory Action of the 2017 General Service Conference to create a YouTube channel with comments disabled that could be analyzed for effectiveness. Content is being posted to the channel in a way that is guided by A.A. principles and A.A.W.S. copyrights.

The channel was started with three, Conference-approved P.S.A.s: Doors, My World and I Have Hope. The office continues the process of expanding the YouTube collection, with the ultimate goal of adding all Conference-approved videos, as well as videos developed from current service material available from G.S.O.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions document. Any additional questions or feedback related to the A.A.W.S.-G.S.O. YouTube channel may be sent to


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